Diamond Plan

“My hotel has great marketing staff, who need online skills”

Empowering your current staff with the right training can help you keep costs low in the long run. Your staff would love you when you get them trained in online business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My staff is good, but they are not techies – will your training help?
A: Absolutely, your staff only needs to know the very basics – internet, emailing, typing, copy+paste, spreadsheets etc. Moreover, we are not talking software, we are talking marketing and business growth. The program can help your staff understand concepts, and put to use right during the training.

Q: Will you provide any post-training support if our staff needs you?
A: Yes, no one becomes an expert overnight! That’s why our membership offers a full one year support.

Q: How do you provide support to our staff?
A: We are building a one-of-a-kind direct booking growth training with complete material online. Members may access the same anytime, anywhere. Our monthly online meeting via web-conference/skype will enable you to discuss and get help on specific issues.

Q: What if my staff still can’t grow direct bookings after all efforts?
A: Talk to us – we will deliver direct booking growth for your hotel! You may change your plan anytime – try our fully managed Platinum Plan or 100% performance guaranteed Gold Plan.

Q: How can you help my chain of hotels with staff based at different locations?
A: Our web-based training can accommodate your staff with simultaneous access from multiple locations. Such online meeting technology is widely used at most Fortune-500 firms with offices across the globe. For specific requirements, we can arrange our trainers to fly down for a live session at your location.

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