“We help improve your conversions from search engines with 100% Performance Guarantee on booking growth.”

You’d have surely heard & even experienced the top ranking & traffic growth claims to improve your hotel website. But, would that really grow your hotel bookings or revenues? Tough luck!
At – we talk conversions, not just traffic!

Search engine optimization helps your hotel website ‘be seen’ for targeted keywords to bring in high quality traffic from top 3 search engines – Google & Bing (Yahoo uses Bing results). Targeted keywords bring high traffic which converts to bookings faster on hotel’s website, which helps hotel save on increasingly high OTA commissions.

We offer your staff Live 1-Day Training on latest search optimization techniques, with a strong focus on action and implementation. The training helps one understand the right way to be seen on top of search results to attract high quality traffic and convert lookers into bookers.

In case you find it tough work for your in-house team, just give us a call to take over your campaign to grow your traffic and conversions(booking).

We believe it’s not enough to just get better ranking or traffic. We offer a never-before 100% Pay-for-Performance moneyback guarantee on conversion growth. Effectively, we get paid for growing your bookings or not at all.

What do we offer in the Search Marketing Plan?
– Keyword Research
– Find the current state of search ranking for target keywords
– On-page optimization
– Off-page optimization
– Conversion optimization
– Comprehensive monthly report

Top rankings and more traffic OR more bookings – what would your hotel choose?