About Us

HotelMarketingClub.com aims to help hotels grow their direct bookings with a smart integrated use of search engine marketing, social media, email and mobile marketing.

HotelMarketingClub.com is now part of iZEN Digital – a young startup with a team of well-experienced professionals from hotel & online marketing background. Our integrated approach has already helped many hotels grow their online presence and direct bookings. We’re passionate and completely focused on online travel & hotel marketing – always ready to learn and unlearn.


To help 500 hotels improve their share of direct bookings

This is our mission for Phase I. Why 500? We’re a small bootstrapped start-up, and believe in quality work with every client. And why not 500? We are sure this milestone would set the ball rolling for bigger things to come!

We know it’s not easy to break the status quo, which is to get hotel bookings irrespective of cost per booking or profits. But someone has to come out and show it’s possible for independent hotels to grow their share of profit if they tweak their direct booking count. And, we are taking up this challenge.

We invite all forward-looking independent hotels to join us in this direct booking growth movement.

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