Gold Plan

Fully Managed Direct Booking Growth Program

We believe that your hotel website exists for a reason – to GROW your business.

And, there are broadly just 2 success metrics to track online growth:
ONLINE SALES: When guest books your room online with a card.
ONLINE LEADS: When your website visitor fills up an enquiry form or calls your phone. This triggers the sales funnel and follow-ups to convert them into a ‘sale’.
We call them ‘Conversion‘- which is basically when a website users takes some action on the website, to convert from a ‘looker’ to ‘booker’.

Yes, traffic growth is important. Facebook Likes improve visibility. Search engine ranking is good. But, these are just ways to reach the two success metrics above.

Don’t you think your Online Campaign should focus on these two deliverables?

We thought so! And, introduced our Gold Plan that assures Online Conversion Growth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So how does this plan help with Online Conversions?
A: Hotels need to create their online presence, improve their online visibility, monitor reputation and convert the online visitors to help grow revenues.

Q: How long will it take to grow Online Conversions with this plan?
A: We have seen 25% growth in first 90 days. However, each hotel is different, and hence the results might vary. Once you share your current numbers and analytics, we can provide a clearer picture. Please fill up the form to start.

Q: What if I want to change the plan later?
A: Hey, that happens often – Hotels see value in Gold Plan, and want us to train their staff. Just call or email us to change your plan anytime.

Q: What if I want to stop the campaigns?
A: Hotel may cancel a Campaign with just an email anytime. The running Campaign will continue till the end of the month. For best results – we expect the hotel to stick with the Campaign for atleast 3 consecutive months.

Have more queries? Just ask us…