How To Grow Direct

With an ever growing reach and declining cost every year, online is the most cost effective way to grow your direct bookings. A smart integration of search engines, social media and mobile marketing campaigns is helping many of your competitors in filling their rooms. Internet has completely revolutionized the hotel distribution, with benefits and cost efficiency.

First let’s understand the guest’s journey…
1. Guest looks for destination sites
2. Decides the location/area at the destination
3. Searches online for hotels and reviews
4. Decides to book, and completes stay
5. Shares experience on social/review sites

Now, the channels which helped this guest decide are:
– Search Engines (to search for hotels – say “4 star hotels in east london”)
– Social Media (to look for reviews from others who stayed at a hotel)
– Mobile (most of the search and social media happens on a mobile device)

Your hotel has to work on growing the presence on these channels, so as to make it easier for the guests to choose your hotel for booking. The end result would be a steady stream of bookings on your direct hotel website, which saves you 3rd party commissions and hence, adds directly to your profit.

Now, the question is whether your current staff has the knowledge or skills to run your direct booking growth program on these channels?

If ‘Yes’, go right ahead to recharge your campaigns and claim back more share of direct bookings.

If you answered ‘No’, relax, you’re at the right place. HotelMarketingClub will help you grow direct bookings in two ways:
a. In-house: We will train your current staff to run a booking growth program
b. In-source: We will help you regain control with a fully managed program