Platinum Plan

My hotel would prefer a fully-managed program

My staff is busy with other important things. We want you to fully manage and run our direct booking growth campaigns on the top channels – search, social media, email and mobile, at a fixed campaign fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which channels are covered under Platinum Plan?
A: Search marketing(Google, Yahoo, Bing), Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin & YouTube), Email and Mobile Marketing(Mobile responsive website, shortcode*, click-to-call*).
* depends on operator availability

Q: Will you charge additional for the apps used in the campaigns?
A: Our fee would cover all apps we use up to a generous 5000 guests/subscribers. In case your guest numbers go beyond that, we will give you the additional charges before billing you for the next campaign month.

Q: Will your team run the campaigns as good as our own staff?
A: The Platinum Plan is custom-made for hotels who don’t have in-house resources to run the campaigns, but still want to re-gain control over their direct booking channels. We call it the in-sourcing phenomena! Our well-trained team works as an extension of your own staff, to run these campaigns efficiently, so you save money on hiring, training and app costs.

Q: How long will it take to grow direct bookings with this plan?
A: Each hotel is different, and hence the results vary. Once you sign up, and share your numbers and analytics, we can get a clear picture on your potential growth.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee on direct booking growth with this plan?
A: No, Platinum Plan caters to a different segment, which needs a cost-effective fully managed program on search, social media, email and mobile. You may choose the Gold Plan for a guaranteed direct booking growth.

Q: So how does this plan help with direct booking growth?
A: Platinum Plan is a cost-effective fully managed program to create a hotel’s presence, monitor and manage campaigns on these top channels to help grow direct bookings..

Q: What if I want to change the plan?
A: Just call or email us! You may change your plan anytime – try our fully managed Platinum Plan or 100% performance guaranteed Gold Plan.

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